Performance considerations

As you configure your IBM® z/OS® Connect server and create APIs and services, consider the information in these topics to help you get the best performance.

For information about improving performance in Liberty, see Tuning Liberty in the IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty documentation.

Minimum levels of IBM z/OS Connect

Use the following minimum levels of IBM z/OS Connect to improve performance:
  • If you use the authorization interceptor, use IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.7.
  • If you use client certificate authentication, use IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.34.
  • If you use Db2® services or the REST client service provider, use IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.37.
  • If you use trace (default or binary logging), use IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.47.
  • If you use JWT authentication for API provider requests, use IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.49 to benefit from JWT caching.