GMOBA0110E The transaction could not be executed. [server_error_detail].


An error occurred when the requested transaction was executed on IMS Connect.

System action

An HTTP 500 status code is returned.

Programmer response

Examine the server_error_detail. Traffic from the z/OS® Connect server to IMS has a GMP prefix for the client ID. Use the client ID to help analyze the trace data from the different components that are involved. If a Java™ exception are reported, use the information to determine the reason for the failure. Some possible values for the Java exception are described in the following table.
Table 1. Java exceptions for GMOBA0110E
Java exceptions Description
Some possible reasons for the exception are:
  • The timeout value that is specified in the IMS Connect configuration member is exceeded before IMS Connect receives a response from IMS. Exceeding a timeout value typically occurs when a region is not available in IMS to run the IMS transaction that processes the client request. If so, ensure that an appropriate region is started and available to process the request. Exceeding a timeout value can also occur if the IMS application program that is associated with the transaction is stopped. If so, use the IMS type-2 UPDATE PGM NAME(pgm_name) START(SCHD) command or type-1 /START PROGRAM command to start the IMS application program.
  • A Java client tries to use a previously active client (for example, a connection from the pool) for which an IMS Connect STOPCLNT command has been issued. Connection reset by peer: socket write error
Some possible reasons for the exception are:
  • A Java client attempts to use a connection for which the underlying socket is no longer connected to IMS Connect. The socket connection might be lost if IMS Connect is recycled, but the application server is not. After IMS Connect is restarted, the connections that were formerly successfully connected to IMS Connect are still in the connection pool. As clients attempt to reuse each of these connections, the exception is thrown, and the connection object is removed from the connection pool.
  • TCP/IP on the host is coming down.