Get the statistics of a service

You can use the HTTP method GET with the action=getStatistics query parameter to retrieve the statistics of a service.

Statistics include IBM® z/OS® Connect data for a service such as InvokeRequestCount, and a TimeOfRegistrationWithZosConnect, along with any other statistics returned by the service provider by using the getStatistics() SPI implementation in the provider.

Note: Statistics are only available for IBM z/OS Connect services and not all IBM z/OS Connect service providers provide statistics. For example the CICS® service provider, IBM MQ service provider, and REST client service provider do not provide statistics.
HTTP method

If the service name contains forward slashes, they must be escaped by using %2F. For example, if the service name is MyService/v1, it must be provided as MyService%2Fv1.

Gets the status of the requested service.
Users with Admin or Operations authority can get the statistics of a service, users with Invoke or Reader authority cannot. For more information about user authorization, see Overview of IBM z/OS Connect security.
Sample response body
    "ServiceProvider": "SAMPLE-1.0",
    "InvokeRequestCount": "100",
    "TimeOfRegistrationWithZosConnect": "<yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:mmm tzn>"
      .. <JSON name value pairs showing statistical information about the service returned.>
where yyyy-mm-dd is the date, hh:mm:ss:mmm time and tzn is the time zone. For example: 2017-11-13 17:28:28:589 GMT.