Get details of a service

Use the HTTP method GET to obtain information about a specific IBM® z/OS® Connect service.
HTTP method

If the service name contains forward slashes, they must be escaped by using %2F. For example, if the service name is MyService/v1, it must be provided as MyService%2Fv1.

Gets the details of the requested IBM z/OS Connect service.
Users with Admin, Operations or Reader authority can get details of a service, users with Invoke authority cannot. For more information about user authorization, see Overview of IBM z/OS Connect security.
Response body

The output is returned in two parts. The first part contains the IBM z/OS Connect configuration parameters and the second part has the configuration that is returned by the service provider implementation.

Note: The enhanced administration interface V1.2.0 includes version information for services in the response body.
    "zosConnect": {
        "serviceName": "<service name>",
        "serviceDescription": "<service description>",
        "serviceProvider": "<service provider>",
        “version”: “<version>”,
        "serviceURL": "<service URL>",
        "serviceInvokeURL": "<service invocation URL>",
        "dataXformProvider": "<data transformation provider>",
        "serviceStatus": "<service status>"
    "<service name>": {
        ( ... <service provider-specific information> ... )
Example response body

The following sample shows the JSON payload that is returned from the CICS service provider:

  "zosConnect": {
    "serviceName": "MyService",
    "serviceDescription": "",
    "serviceProvider": "CICS service provider",
    "version": "1.2",
    "serviceURL": "http://host:port/zosConnect/services/MyService",
    "serviceInvokeURL": "http://host:port/zosConnect/services/MyService?action=invoke",
    "dataXformProvider": "zosConnectWVXform-10",
    "serviceStatus": "Started"
  "MyService": {
    "transidUsage": "EIB_AND_MIRROR",
    "transid": "CSMI",
    "program": "MyProg",
    "connectionRef": "MyConnection",
    "ccsid": "37"

The following sample output is from the IMS service provider:

    "zosConnect": {
        "serviceName": "patient",
        "serviceDescription": "Patient lookup service",
        "serviceProvider": "imsmobile-2.0",
        “version”: “2.0”
        "ServiceURL": "",
        "serviceInvokeURL": "",
        "dataXformProvider": "DATA_UNAVAILABLE",
        "serviceStatus": "Started"
    "patient": {
        "imsServiceType": "ims-sar",
        "serviceDescription": "Patient lookup service",
        "id": "patient",
        "tranCode": "IVTNO",
        "serviceProviderName": "IMS service provider",
        "status": "Started"
The following error can occur:
404 Not found
The service was not found.