Setting communication stub data

The DataRequester interface contains API requester data that is sent to the IBM® z/OS® Connect server from the communication stub. Most data is automatically set but some items require specific action for the values to be set.

Setting the CICS_UOWID and CICS_NETUOWID values

Values are set for the CICS_UOWID and CICS_NETUOWID data items in the interface for requests from CICS® applications if the BAQCTRUE TRUE is configured in the CICS region. For more information, see Configuring enhanced monitoring for CICS tasks.

Setting the IMS_EXIT_DATA value

Values can be set for the IMS_EXIT_DATA and IMS_EXIT_DATA_BYTES data items in the interface for requests from IMS applications by a monitoring product or application. The IMS_EXIT_DATA provides a string representation of the exit data whereas IMS_EXIT_DATA_BYTES is the raw, unconverted, exit data.

To provide this data the IMS communication stub makes INQY calls to request information about the execution environment. These calls can be intercepted by the IMS Monitor user exit (IMSMON). The I/O area parameter on the INQY call specifies the data output area for the call and when the communication stub allocates data for this I/O area, it allocates extra storage before the I/O area as shown in Table 1. On the INQY call, before the API request is sent to the IBM z/OS Connect server, the eye catcher is set to ZOSCONNECT-V3->>. A monitoring product can set a correlator or other value in this data area before the I/O area.

Table 1. Format of data area on INQY call before the API request
Bytes Field Description
0-15 Eyecatcher Set with the EBCDIC character string ZOSCONNECT-V3->> before an API request and ZOSCONNECT-V3-<< after an API request.
16-79 Exit data Field that can be set by a monitoring product. The value is transmitted to the IBM z/OS Connect and is set as the value of IMS_EXIT_DATA.
80+ I/O area The I/O area that is passed on the call to INQY.

After the API request, the communication stub makes a second call to INQY with the eye catcher ZOSCONNECT-V3-<< set.