Installing IBM z/OS Connect

After you install z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) or z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) Unlimited, you perform the postinstallation tasks.

About this task

The SMP/E installation process puts the product code onto your system.


  1. Follow the instructions in the Program Directory to install the product using SMP/E.
    Table 1. Program Directories for z/OS Connect products
    Product Publication number
    z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) GI13-4414
    z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) Unlimited GI13-4448
    • By default, the product code is installed in /usr/lpp/IBM/zosconnect/v3r0/bin.
    • You can set the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable to the location where you want your server instances to be stored. If you do not set WLP_USER_DIR, the default value /var/zosconnect is used.

      If you change the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable to a different location, new servers are stored in the new location. The servers in the old location still exist, but can be used only when you change WLP_USER_DIR back to that location again.

    • If you are planning to set up an HA environment, you need to customize WLP_USER_DIR, so consider this requirement when you plan your installation.
  2. Apply the latest maintenance to update the product.


IBM z/OS Connect is installed.

What to do next

Perform the postinstallation steps in Creating the IBM z/OS Connect shared directory and Setting up the product extensions directory before you attempt to start a server.

Consider preparing your new server to provide good diagnostic information if a problem occurs. For more information, see Prepare IBM z/OS Connect for FFDC.