Installing IBM z/OS Connect

After you install z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) or z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) Unlimited, you perform the postinstallation tasks.

About this task

The SMP/E installation process puts the product code onto your system.


  1. Follow the instructions in the Program Directory to install the product using SMP/E.
    Table 1. Program Directories for z/OS Connect products
    Product Publication number
    z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) GI13-4414
    z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) Unlimited GI13-4448
    • By default, the product code is installed in /usr/lpp/IBM/zosconnect/v3r0/bin.
    • You can set the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable to the location where you want your server instances to be stored. If you do not set WLP_USER_DIR, the default value /var/zosconnect is used.

      If you change the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable to a different location, new servers are stored in the new location. The servers in the old location still exist, but can be used only when you change WLP_USER_DIR back to that location again.

    • If you are planning to set up an HA environment, you need to customize WLP_USER_DIR, so consider this requirement when you plan your installation.
  2. Apply the latest maintenance to update the product.
    If you have an Unlimited license, take note of the instructions in Applying usermods to IBM z/OS Connect Unlimited.


IBM z/OS Connect is installed.

What to do next

Perform the postinstallation steps in Creating the IBM z/OS Connect shared directory and Setting up the product extensions directory before you attempt to start a server.

Consider preparing your new server to provide good diagnostic information if a problem occurs. For more information, see Prepare IBM z/OS Connect for FFDC.