Your system must meet these hardware and software requirements to install and run IBM® z/OS® Connect.

Support requirements

Minimum required service levels are listed where appropriate. If a specific level is not listed, support is provided for the General Availability (GA) release of the product. Service levels later than those listed are also supported, if the product provides upward compatibility between service releases.

Hardware requirements

IBM z/OS Connect runs on any hardware that supports the chosen operating system.

Software requirements

IBM z/OS Connect requires IBM z/OS V2.4 or later, IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS, and Java™ Technology Edition V8.0.0 or later service refresh and fix pack level.

For the most up-to-date information about the specified operating environments for IBM z/OS Connect, see the IBM Software Product Compatibility reports, at

The runtime z/OS Java requirements also apply to all the product-supplied user scripts such as securityUtility.

Requirements for creating APIs to access z/OS subsystems
The z/OS Connect API toolkit, the Eclipse-based workstation tool for creating APIs, requires IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua V3.2 or later and JRE V8.0 or later service refresh and fix pack level.
The IBM z/OS Connect build toolkit requires JRE V8.0 or later service refresh and fix pack level.
Requirements for calling an API from a z/OS application
To call RESTful APIs through the IBM z/OS Connect server on platforms other than CICS®, z/OS V2.4 or later is required.

For supported versions of SoRs or z/OS application, see the IBM Documentation for that product.

Facility requirements

If zEnterprise® Data Compression (zEDC) is enabled on z14 or earlier hardware systems, grant READ access to the FPZ.ACCELERATOR.COMPRESSION resource in the FACILITY class for the user ID that runs IBM z/OS Connect. For more information about zEDC and Java applications, see zEnterprise Data Compression (z/OS only).