Removal notices

A removal notice signifies that the item can be removed, typically no sooner than two years from the time the notice was issued.

Table 1. Removal notices
EOS date Category Item to be removed Strategic alternative
April 2023 Explorer Removal of support for IBM® Explorer for z/OS® Aqua V3.1. Use a more recent release. Users are encouraged to use IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua V3.3.
September 2019 Java™ Removal of support Java 7 and the IBM SDK and Java runtime environment (JRE) for Java 7. For more information, see Java SDK lifecycle dates.

In IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.26, the Liberty kernel was recompiled and can no longer run with Java SE 7.

Use a more recent Java software development kit (SDK) or JRE. Liberty can run with any supported and compliant Java SDK or JRE, including IBM Java SDKs.
TBA CICS Running IBM z/OS Connect embedded in CICS® is deprecated and support will be removed in a future release.

If you run with IBM z/OS Connect embedded in CICS, the minimum level of IBM z/OS Connect is 3.0.41, and you must have APAR PH16415 or later applied to your CICS region to bring the minimum level of Liberty to

Use IBM z/OS Connect stand-alone as described in this documentation.

The end of service (EOS) date is when IBM stops making fixes generally available.

Note: The API toolkit requires that CORS is enabled on the IBM z/OS Connect server to connect, so IBM z/OS Connect enabled CORS automatically, even when CORS support was not configured in server.xml. This automatic CORS enablement was removed in IBM z/OS Connect V3.0.35. You should use the enhanced CORS capability that is supplied in Liberty by adding Origin, Content-Type, Authorization, Cache-Control, Expires, and Pragma to the allowedHeaders attribute of the cors configuration element. If you currently have no CORS configuration, you are advised to update your configuration to include CORS. For more information, see Configuring Cross-Origin Resource Sharing on a z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) Server.