High availability

With a high availability solution, you can minimize the impact on daily operations of the failure of one or more components within the overall system. The key concepts of a high availability (HA) environment and how they can be implemented with IBM® z/OS® Connect are discussed.

This information is aimed at architects and z/OS system programmers who need to implement a IBM z/OS Connect HA environment. Implementation requires z/OS system programming skills, such as the use of TCP/IP workload balancing software and creation of zFS file systems.

You can use various IBM or third-party products with IBM z/OS Connect to build such a system. You have a number of options available so that you can choose a solution that suits the needs of your organization. The solution might be just two IBM z/OS Connect servers that run in a single LPAR. Or you can design a more complex parallel sysplex solution with many IBM z/OS Connect servers that are spread across multiple LPARs.

It is also necessary to plan for variations in workloads, especially increased workloads, when it might be necessary to increase the capacity of the system. The system must respond in a predictable way to workload variation to meet SLAs. For IBM z/OS Connect, scalability can be achieved by manually increasing the number of servers.