Resolving PL/I importer issues

Errors reported by the Enterprise PL/I compiler, if not resolved before you import the PL/I file, would be reported by the PL/I importer. Use the Problems view or the log file to determine the cause of the issues.

Common issues

The maximum length for WIDECHAR and CHAR strings supported by PL/I is 32,767. Elements that are longer than 32,767 characters result in an IBM1299IE message, and the PL/I data structure cannot be loaded into the service interface editor.

For more information about how PL/I fields are converted to JSON fields and syntax restrictions, see PL/I to JSON schema mapping.

Resolving issues

When you import a PL/I file from your workspace, syntax error messages show up in the Problems view. Click each error message in the Problems view to examine the source of the error in your code. Errors are also logged in a generic log file, which is located under the metadata directory at <workspace>\.metadata\.log

If the imported file is not in your workspace, the error messages show up in the error log.