Deploy the stock query service manually

Deploy the stock query service to the IBM® z/OS® Connect server by using the IBM z/OS Connect REST API. For more information about the IBM z/OS Connect REST API, see Deploy a service

Before you begin

Ensure that the following tasks are complete:


  1. Enter the following command from the C:\DevOpsScenarios directory, replacing host and port with values that are appropriate for your IBM z/OS Connect server.
    curl -i -k -X POST http://host:port/zosConnect/services --data-binary "@/DevOpsScenarios/stockQuery.sar" -H "Content-Type:application/zip" 
    This command uses the following parameters:
    • -i gives more output
    • -k ignores any problems with self-signed TLS certificates.
    • -X defines the HTTP verb to use. POST in this case as you are creating a service.
    • --data-binary defines the path to stockQuery.sar.
    • -H defines a header to send to the service. In this case, you are indicating that you are sending a .zip file.
  2. Check the return code.
    If the command was successful, the return code is HTTP 201. Information about the deployed service is also displayed.


The stock query service is deployed to the IBM z/OS Connect server.

What to do next

Test the stock query service.