Using the FileTransferMBean

The FileTransferMBean can be used to transfer your API archive files from a remote system to the IBM® z/OS® Connect API location directory.

Before studying this topic, you should be familiar with the information in Using an MBean to trigger updates.

The FileTransferMBean contains methods that you can use to download, upload, or delete files on the IBM z/OS Connect server instance. This MBean is available as part of the restConnector-1.0 feature. Javadoc is provided in the file <installation_path>/wlp/dev/api/ibm/javadoc/

Note: To use this MBean, you must also define the remoteFileAccess server configuration element attributes readDir and writeDir to define the directories to which the restConnector within that server is authorized to read to and write from.

For more information about this element, see Remote File Access (remoteFileAccess) in the WebSphere® Application Server documentation.