Configuring HTTPS on a REST client connection to Db2

Follow these steps to configure HTTPS on a REST client connection to a Db2 endpoint.

About this task

Update server.xml to configure SSL on a REST client connection definition.


  1. Edit the IBM® z/OS® Connect server configuration file to define an SSL element or SSLDefault element.
  2. Add an sslCertsRef attribute to the zosconnect_zosConnectServiceRestClientConnection element to reference the SSL element.
    For example:
        <!-- Define the SSL configuration. -->
        <ssl id="defaultSSLConfig" keyStoreRef="defaultKeyStore" trustStoreRef="defaultTrustStore" clientAuthentication="false" />
        <!-- Define a keystore. Contains the IBM z/OS Connect  server's personal certificate to be sent on SSL handshake. -->  
        <keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" password="zosconnect" location="${server.config.dir}/resources/security/serverKey.jks" />
        <!-- Define a truststore. Contains the public certificate expected to be sent on the SSL handshake. -->   
        <keyStore id="defaultTrustStore" password="zosconnect" location="${server.config.dir}/resources/security/serverTrust.jks"/>
        <!-- Define the connection to the Db2 endpoint -->  
        <zosconnect_zosConnectServiceRestClientConnection id="db2Conn" sslCertsRef="defaultSSLConfig"
                host="" port="8080" />