Configuring IPIC connection level user security

Follow these steps to configure predefined user security credentials for an IPIC connection to CICS®.

Before you begin

  1. Configure an IPCONN definition in CICS with USERAUTH=VERIFY. For more information, see Configuring an IPIC connection in CICS.
  2. Configure a zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection element in server.xml. For more information, see Configuring an IPIC connection in IBM z/OS Connect.
  3. Locate the WebSphere® Liberty profile server securityUtility command tool, which can be found in the <installation_path>/wlp/bin directory.


  1. Use the securityUtility encode command to encode the password for the user ID that is to be defined for the connection. For more information, see the securityUtility command.
  2. Define a zosconnect_authData element in server.xml, the user and password attributes must both be specified. For the password, specify the entire encoded string output by running the securityUtility command.
  3. Add an authDataRef attribute to the zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection element to reference the zosconnect_authData element. For example:
    <zosconnect_authData id="authABC" user="sysidABC" password="mypassword"/>
    <zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection id="cicsABC" host="hostName_or_IPAddress" port="1234" authDataRef="authABC"/>