Creating the IBM z/OS Connect shared directory

Use this information to create the directories that are required by the IBM® z/OS® Connect servers.

About this task

The shared directory is used as a dedicated file system by all IBM z/OS Connect server instances on the same LPAR. IBM z/OS Connect uses the directory specified by the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable.

The default value of WLP_USER_DIR is /var/zosconnect.

You must complete the following steps before you create and start your first IBM z/OS Connect server instance:


  1. Create the zosconnect mount point in the z/OS UNIX file system: /var/zosconnect.
  2. Set up file system security to enable IBM z/OS Connect server instances to access the shared directory.
    1. Change the owner of the directories to the user ID that is administering IBM z/OS Connect.
      Use the command
      chown -R owner /var/zosconnect
      where owner is the name of the required owner of the directory and its contents.
    2. Change the group ownership of the directories to a group that all the IBM z/OS Connect server user IDs belong to.
      Use the command
      chgrp -R group /var/zosconnect
      where group is the required group ID of the directory and its contents.
    3. Give the owner of the directories read, write, and execute permissions, and give the group read, write, and execute permissions. For example, rwxrwx---.
      Use the command
      chmod -R 770 /var/zosconnect
      where 770 gives read/write/execute to the user and group associated with the directory and its contents.
  3. Optional: Use UNIX System Services access control list (ACL) entries to add group or owner permissions for multiple administrators or groups.
    When the ACL is complete, activate the FSSEC resource class and use the setfacl command.

What to do next

Proceed to set up the product extensions directory.