Creating a IBM z/OS Connect data transformer

You can use the IBM® z/OS® Connect SPI to create a custom data transformer. Data transformers are OSGi services that implement the SPI that is provided by IBM z/OS Connect.

About this task

IBM z/OS Connect data transformers are written and delivered by any component to plug into the framework. A data transformer is included with IBM z/OS Connect and provides both to and from JSON byte arrays that are consumable by COBOL, PL/I, and C programs on z/OS.

A data transformer that is implemented for IBM z/OS Connect is an OSGi service that connects and interacts with IBM z/OS Connect through the OSGi framework.


  1. Implement the IBM z/OS Connect SPI in the service.
  2. Edit the metatype configuration so that it specifies the following attributes. This definition should be entered on one line:
    <OCD id="user.DataTransform.ID" ibm:alias="userDataTransformAlias" name="userDataTransformName" 
    description="zOSConnect User DataTransform" ibm:objectClass="">

    where the ibm:objectClass attribute indicates that this object is a type dataTransform.

    Java™ API documentation for the IBM z/OS Connect SPIs can be found in the z/OS Connect SPI reference, and as a separate file at <installation_path>/doc/

    The Java API documentation for each Liberty profile SPI can be found in the Liberty product documentation and is also available in a separate .zip file in one of the javadoc directories of the <installation_path>/wlp/dev directory.

    As an implementation of a z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) programming interface, Liberty profile API and SPI features can be used.