Add a second server

Add a second server to the HA environment.


  1. Create the second server.
    The configuration from the first server is copied across for the second server in a later step so no template is required now. Enter the following command from the <installation_path>/bin directory. For example, /usr/lpp/IBM/zosconnect/v3r0/bin.
    zosconnect create haserver2
  2. Replace the default Liberty server.xml file with the server.xml file from haserver1.
    Run the following command:
    cp /var/zosconnect/servers/haserver1/server.xml
  3. Start the IBM® z/OS® Connect server.
    To preserve the case of your server name, you must start the server from the System Command Extension window within SDSF.

    From SDSF, type / to open the System Command Extension window, then enter the command:

    S BAQSTRT,JOBNAME=ZCHA2,parms='haserver2 --clean'

  4. Check that the server initialized correctly.