Configuration updates on demand

A running IBM® z/OS® Connect server uses information from various files that are stored in UNIX System Services.

These files can be modified and the changes activated while the server is running. The following IBM z/OS Connect files can be configured dynamically:
  • Server configuration file.
  • Data transformation files, if any of your IBM z/OS Connect services use DataXForms.
  • API archive files.
  • API Requester archive files.
  • Service archive files.
  • Policies and rule sets.
  • Keystores.
If you need to modify, create or delete these files while the server is running, you can use one of these methods to activate the changes:
  1. Use polling. Continuous polling uses CPU resources. This method can be useful in a development or test environment.
  2. Use an MBean to trigger an update on demand. This method can be useful in a production environment.
  3. Use the Refresh Modify command to activate all changes in all the files. This method can be useful in a production environment. For more information, see The MODIFY command.
The update mechanism is specified on the following server configuration elements. For more information, see the element description in the Reference section.