Location of shared configuration files

A shared configuration file must be stored in a location that can be read by all servers.

It is good practice to use the Liberty profile's shared directory structure. The shared.config.dir property specifies the location <WLP_USER_DIR>/shared/config. You can use this property name within your server configuration file. By default the value of WLP_USER_DIR is /var/zosconnect, so this location might not be suitable if you want to use shared zFS in a Parallel Sysplex®, because the /var mount point cannot be shared. However, you can customize the value of the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable before you install IBM® z/OS® Connect. For more information, see Installing IBM z/OS Connect.

In a single LPAR, a UNIX System Services directory that is not in the ${server.config.dir} directory structure can be used so that it is not nested in the directory structure of a single server.

In a Parallel Sysplex, you can mount a shared zFS to share a single configuration file between multiple servers. For more information about using shared zFS in a Parallel Sysplex, see z/OS File System overview. You can further improve the resilience of these file systems by using RAID arrays and DASD mirroring technologies. Alternatively, you can share configuration files only among the servers in each LPAR and maintain separate physical copies of the file on each LPAR. These files must be kept in sync manually.