Test HA for connections to CICS

Test the IPIC HA configuration and validate that work can be distributed to both CICS regions.

About this task

Verification is easier using just one IBM® z/OS® Connect server.


  1. Shutdown IBM z/OS Connect server 2.
  2. Log on to a CICS terminal for each CICS region and check the initial usage count of the Catalog Manager program DFH0XCMN in each region.
    Make a note of the values to confirm in later steps that the count was incremented. Enter the following command on each CICS region.


    The use field indicates how many times the program was run.
    Screen capture showing the results of the CEMT command as described in the text
  3. Invoke the catalog API from the z/OS Connect API toolkit by using the "Try it out!" function in the Swagger UI that is embedded in the editor, as described in Test the CICS catalog manager API.
  4. On both CICS regions, check that the usage count was incremented by 1 in one region only.
  5. Further API requests will continue to be sent to the same CICS region.
  6. To verify that IPIC HA is working correctly, shutdown the CICS region, or close the TCPIPServices for the CICS region that was receiving the HTTP GET requests.
  7. Send further API requests.
    Verify that these are now sent to the other CICS region by using the following command:
  8. Restart the shutdown CICS region, or re-open the TCPIPServices.
  9. Restart the second IBM z/OS Connect server.
  10. Send further API requests and observe the usage count of program DFH0XCMN in both CICS regions.


You have successfully configured IPIC high availability for your two CICS regions using port sharing.