Deploy the CICS catalog manager service using the API toolkit

Deploy the CICS catalog manager inquireSingle service directly from z/OS® Connect API toolkit by first creating a connection to the server.

Before you begin

Create a connection to your IBM® z/OS Connect server from IBM z/OS Connect API toolkit. See Connecting to a z/OS Connect server.

About this task

In the Host Connections view, you can add connections to z/OS Connect servers and credentials to store your user IDs and passwords.
Tip: If you don't see the Host Connections view, from the menu bar, click Window > Manage Connections to open the Host Connections view.


In the Project Explorer view, right-click the service project and select z/OS Connect > Deploy Service to z/OS Connect Server. If you already have the service installed, perhaps by using the sampleCicsIpicCatalogManager template, you can select the Overwrite check box, or Stop and Remove the service before deploying your new one.