The following facilities are needed to run this scenario.

Software requirements

  • z/OS® Connect (OpenAPI 2) V3.0.18 or later installed and the zconsetup install command run successfully.
  • CICS® Transaction Server 5.3 or later installed and a running CICS region.

Prerequisite tasks

You need to complete the following tasks to provide the infrastructure needed by the scenario.
  • Make the catalog manager application available as a REST API.
    Prepare a REST API for the client CICS application to call by completing the following tasks:
  • Use the HTTP method GET to obtain the Swagger file of the catalog manager API.
    1. Open a web browser, and enter an HTTP GET request:
    2. Copy the full content of the response into a local file, name the file catalogManager.json, and ensure that the file is encoded in UTF-8.
      Note: Some browsers change content values when copying. Check the content copied to the catalogManager.json file and ensure that the returned integer values are integers without a decimal point.
  • Create a IBM z/OS Connect server for API requester.
    For this scenario, use the specific apiRequester template to create a IBM z/OS Connect server. Run the zosconnect command with the create option by using the following syntax:
    zosconnect create myserver --template=zosconnect:apiRequester

    For more information, see Creating a z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) server.

  • Configure a started task to run the IBM z/OS Connect server for API requester. For more information, see Starting and stopping IBM z/OS Connect.
Note: In this scenario, two IBM z/OS Connect servers are running. One is the request endpoint where the CICS catalog manager API is deployed. The other one is where the API requester is deployed. In this scenario, request endpoint refers to the IBM z/OS Connect server and the server that is mentioned in the following sub topics is where the API requester is deployed.