Prepare the sample IMS database

The IMS installation verification program (IVP) sample application database is used by the IBM® z/OS® Connect scenarios that use the IMS database service provider. This sample IVP database must be installed in your target IMS region to follow this guide.

The IMS database used in the following example is set up during the process of running the installation verification program. Refer to IMS installation verification program (IVP) overview in the IMS documentation to learn more about configuring the sample application database with IMS IVP.

The IMS database service provider uses the IMS Open Database solution to establish a connection, and make requests to, an IMS database.

Restriction: There are multiple restrictions for the IMS database service provider. Ensure that you understand the capabilities of the IMS database service provider by reading the operational requirements.
Important: Ensure that your IVP sample application database is configured with the additional following jobs and tasks:
  • DBC system (DBCTL)
  • DBT system (DB/DC)
To learn more about the jobs and tasks that are involved in the IVP process, see IVP jobs and tasks for more.

If you are new to using the installation verification program, see IMS installation verification program (IVP) overview.

What to do next

Follow the steps in Create a server and connect to an IMS database to create a connection to the IMS database.