Create an API to invoke the IMS phone book service

Use the z/OS® Connect API toolkit to develop a REST API to invoke the IMS phone book service.

Before you begin

To create and test the catalog API ensure that the following tasks are complete:
  1. Install and configure the IMS phone book sample application. The procedure is described in the scenario Prepare the sample IMS application
  2. Configure and test your connection to IMS. The procedure is described in the scenario Create a server and connect to IMS and installs relevant artifacts using the supplied configuration template sampleImsIpicCatalogManager. This includes the phonebook API.
  3. Use the z/OS Connect API toolkit to Stop the phonebook API, and then Remove the phonebook API.

About this task

This task shows you how to create and test an API to access the IMS sample phone book application.
Diagram showing request flow from the client via IBM z/OS Connect, the IMS Service Provider and IMS Connect to the IMS program.
This scenario uses the following values:
  • IMS region = IMS1
  • IMS program = PROG1
  • IMS transaction code = IVTNO

The JSON schema of an IMS mobile service is obtained from the service archive (.sar) file. You then map an HTTP method to a service, assign a value to a field in the service, and remove unrequired fields.

After the mapping is done, the API can be deployed to the server. After the service archive file is deployed to the server by putting the file in the defined services directory, you can immediately test the API, all from within the API toolkit.


Perform the following tasks in the given sequence to create the API.