Create an API to invoke the CICS catalog manager services

This scenario shows you how to recreate the CICS catalog API for the three services used to call the catalog manager example application.

Before you begin

To create and test the catalog API ensure that the following tasks are complete:
  1. Install and configure the CICS catalog manager example application. The procedure is described in the scenario Prepare the sample CICS application
  2. Configure and test your IPIC connection to CICS. The procedure is described in the scenario Create a server and connect to CICS and installs relevant artifacts using the supplied configuration template sampleCicsIpicCatalogManager. This includes the catalog API.
  3. Use the z/OS Connect API toolkit to Stop the catalog API, and then Remove the catalog API.
Image showing using the API toolkit to create an API


  1. Start IBM Explorer for z/OS and open the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition perspective.
  2. From the menu bar, select File > New > z/OS Connect API Project.
  3. Complete the sections for the new API project and click Finish.
    Screen image shows completed fields in the New Project dialog.

    The IBM z/OS Connect API Editor opens.

    Screen image showing the API Editor dialog

The service archive files must now be exported into your catalog API project. There are two methods to achieve this.

  1. If you created the inquireSingle.sar file in the Create a CICS service scenario, use the z/OS Connect API toolkit to export the service archive to your catalog API project.
    1. From the z/OS Connect perspective, right click your InquireSingle service project
    2. Select z/OS Connect > Export z/OS Connect Service Archive.
      Export service archive using the API Toolkit
    3. In the Export Service Package dialog, select Workspace.
    4. Click Browse... to locate your catalog API.
    5. Select your catalog API and click OK.
  2. The service archive files provided with the sampleCicsIpicCatalogManager template need to be transferred in binary mode to the machine where IBM Explorer for z/OS is installed.
    1. Transfer the inquireCatalog.sar and placeOrder.sar in binary to a directory on your workstation, for example, C:/SARFILES . You need to also export the inquireSingle.sar file if you did not export it with the z/OS Connect API toolkit as described in step 4.
    2. To import the service archive files into your catalog API project, right click on your catalog API project
    3. Select Import... and locate the files on your file system, for example, C:/SARFILES .
    4. Select the service archive files to import and click Finish.

What to do next

In the following tasks, you create operations for a catalog manager API.