Enabling trace for IBM z/OS Connect server containers

Learn how to enable trace for IBM z/OS Connect server containers when you are asked to do so by IBM service.

Before you begin

The following trace component specifications are available:
  • IBM z/OS Connect server: zosConnectCore=all
  • IBM z/OS Connect server mapping: zosConnectMapping=all
  • IBM z/OS Connect server transformation: zosConnectWv=all
  • IBM z/OS Connect server CICS®: zosConnectCics=all
  • IBM z/OS Connect server Db2®: zosConnectDb2=all
  • IBM z/OS Connect IMS: zosConnectIms=all

About this task

By default, the trace is written to trace.log in the /logs bind volume.


  1. Create the trace.xml file with a logging element and save the file in the /config/configDropins/overrides/ directory.

    For example,
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <logging traceSpecification="*=info:com.ibm.zosconnect.ui.*=all" />
    Tip: Separate multiple trace specifications with colons (":").
  2. Use the following procedure.
    This example uses Docker.
    docker cp <traceFile> <containerName>:/config/configDropins/overrides/
    • traceFile specifies the name of the trace configuration file.
    • containerName specifies the name of the Docker container.
      Use the following command to find the containerName.
      docker ps
    For example,
    docker cp trace.xml docker_zosConnect_1:/config/configDropins/overrides/