Configuring monitoring interceptors

IBM® z/OS® Connect provides a framework that enables interceptors (exit programs) to be invoked to provide request monitoring data. Interceptors are OSGi services that implement the Service Provider Interface (SPI) that is provided by IBM z/OS Connect.

About this task

Interceptors are configured for API provider APIs by including the IBM z/OS Connect zosconnect:monitoring-1.0 feature and setting the apiProviderInterceptorsRef attribute on the zosconnect_monitoring element to provide the list of interceptors to be called. Interceptors can only be configured globally for all APIs in a server.


  1. Update the server.xml file to use the monitoring-1.0 feature.
    Add the feature to the <featureManager> section. For example:
  2. Define one or more monitoring interceptors.
    For third party interceptors, refer to their documentation for the configuration specification. Then add a zosconnect_zosConnectInterceptors element to list the interceptors to call. Finally, add a zosconnect_monitoring element to reference the interceptor list. For example:
    <!-- Monitoring interceptor definitions --> 
    <usr_monitoringInterceptorOne id="monInt1"/> 
    <usr_monitoringInterceptorTwo id="monInt2"/>
    <zosconnect_zosConnectInterceptors id="apiProviderList" interceptorRef="monInt1, monInt2"/>
    <zosconnect_monitoring apiProviderInterceptorsRef="apiProviderList"/>