Diagnosing problems with z/OS Connect Designer in Docker

MustGather describes the information you need to collect when diagnosing a problem with z/OS Connect Designer running in a Docker container.

Before you begin

To collect MustGather data for z/OS Connect Designer running in a container, use the script zosconnect_must_gather.sh that is supplied with the container.

z/OS Connect Designer writes the AUDIT log in the messages.log file and is enabled by default. The AUDIT log is captured with the zosconnect_must_gather.sh script.

About this task

The script must be run with the same privileges as other Docker commands. For example, as superuser or by using sudo. For a Docker environment, the script exports the server memory dump, logs, and configuration files into a compressed file that is stored in the /logs directory inside the container.

The procedure you use depends on whether you use Docker or Red Hat® CodeReady Workspaces


  1. Run the MustGather script with Docker exec command:
    docker exec -it <containerId> /opt/ibm/zosconnect/zosconnect_must_gather.sh
    where containerId is the container ID displayed from the docker ps command.
  2. Collect the following data for Designer UI issues

    Provide a detailed description of the problem and your environment and issue. Include screen captures and re-create steps if possible. Is it an intermittent or re-creatable issue?

    Has this problem always been an issue or is it an issue that started only after a change occurred?

    What is the business impact? Do we need to be aware of any deadlines impacted by the issue?

    Provide a reference to the documentation being followed for the failing operation. Which platform setup are you using? Network traffic capture (can be accessed by pressing F12) export in .har or .saz format. Export the browser console log. Open the browser developer tools (can be accessed by pressing F12), and copy the contents of the console tab.


The script generates zosconnect_mustgather.<TIME STAMP>.zip file. For example, ,
        [Tue Feb 15 15:38:55 UTC 2022] - "% docker exec -it 20ee7fa0021d /opt/ibm/zosconnect/zosconnect_must_gather.sh"
        [Tue Feb 15 15:38:55 UTC 2022] - Started execution of zosconnect_must_gather.sh.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:38:55 UTC 2022] - Collecting server dump.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:39:04 UTC 2022] - Server dump collection completed.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:39:04 UTC 2022] - Collecting logs under /logs /workspace/project directories.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:39:05 UTC 2022] - Log collection completed and compressed.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:39:05 UTC 2022] - Copy the file /logs/zosconnect_mustgather.22.02.15_15.38.55.tar.gz to your host system or access from bind logs volume.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:39:05 UTC 2022] - Successfully finished execution of zosconnect_must_gather.sh.
        [Tue Feb 15 15:39:05 UTC 2022] - Time Taken: 10 Seconds.
Use docker cp <containerName>:<mustGatherCompressedFile> <directoryPath> command to copy the generated file to the host system or access it from the bounded logs directory. In this command,
  • containerName specifies the name of the Docker container.

  • mustGatherCompressedFile specifies the name of the compressed file that is generated.

  • directoryPath specifies the local directory to copy the file.

For example, docker cp docker_zosConnect_1:/logs/zosconnect_mustgather.22.02.15_15.38.55.tar.gz /logsToIBM/