Developing APIs with the IBM z/OS Connect Designer

Download and start IBM® z/OS Connect Designer to develop and test APIs.

The z/OS Connect Designer is a container-based web UI tool that offers a wide set of capabilities:
  • Support for enterprise standard OpenAPI 3.0 specification APIs.
  • Allows contract first API creation by importing an OpenAPI 3 definition as a starting point.
  • Supports JSONata, a functional expression language for complex mappings between the API schemas and the z/OS application and data interfaces. For more information about JSONata, see What is JSONata?. For more information about mapping between the API schemas and z/OS Assets in IBM z/OS Connect Designer, see Mapping your API and z/OS Assets.
  • Supports the creation of OpenAPI 3 definitions.
  • Includes a built-in isolated development server for iterative development and testing.

There is a series of introductory 'how-to' videos on z/OS Connect Designer to accompany the topics in this section. These videos demonstrate the wide set of capabilities available in the z/OS Connect Designer such as creating z/OS Assets, mapping an API request, defining response conditions and much more. For more information, see the following play list z/OS Connect Designer video tutorials.

Figure 1. The z/OS Connect Designer Web UI
The z/OS Connect Designer Web UI