Download the IBM z/OS Connect Designer image

Download the IBM z/OS Connect Designer image to start creating IBM z/OS Connect API projects.

Before you begin

This task requires you to use Docker commands, so check that Docker is running before you begin.

About this task

The z/OS Connect Designer tool is used to create your IBM z/OS Connect API projects starting from an existing OpenAPI 3 definition.


  1. Download from the IBM Cloud Container Registry.
    Open a terminal session and download the z/OS Connect Designer with the following command:
    docker pull

    • If you are logged in to Docker, you might get a message indicating that you need to log in to download the image. You do not need to login to the IBM Cloud Container Registry to download the Designer image, so logoff Docker with the following commands and try the download again.
      docker logout
      docker logout
    • If you are a Cloud Administrator downloading the z/OS Connect Designer image to make it available to developers you will need to place it in the shared image registry that can be accessed.

    While the download occurs, the screen shows progress messages similar to the following.

    Workspace % docker pull
    3.0.82: Pulling from zosconnect/ibm-zcon-designer
    262268b65bd5: Already exists 
    06038631a24a: Already exists 
    270d45e1ff87: Already exists 
    75f0da3dab97: Already exists 
    e9082b5752b0: Already exists 
    9fea7c2fefcb: Already exists 
    907555961558: Already exists 
    b19771e60ef1: Already exists 
    a95adc497326: Already exists 
    9a47a5851640: Already exists 
    4c845d4a0a0b: Already exists 
    ef215ff472fc: Already exists 
    b34d53b263e2: Already exists 
    82ed6c5fdd9b: Already exists 
    38d18e8383d4: Pull complete 
    27a6aa4e3df5: Pull complete 
    1435a913cebb: Pull complete 
    de4d3e398e24: Pull complete 
    00ccaa28d31f: Pull complete 
    cfa3d9889e23: Pull complete 
    7daadcf4b89d: Pull complete 
    62631013433b: Pull complete 
    e990e50e032d: Pull complete 
    d9a7817b60ee: Pull complete 
    22ed7202bddf: Pull complete 
    2eccde2494de: Pull complete 
    Digest: sha256:07e6a206d13134a4a7db1d1165ed3b12e427ee69aca36d4e12fb1688f8da5f45
    Status: Downloaded newer image for
  2. Enter the following command to verify that the image is loaded:
    docker image ls
    The following output shows that the z/OS Connect Designer image is now available.
    REPOSITORY                                  TAG                             IMAGE ID        CREATED        SIZE         3.0.82                            ffba75f49b73    7 hours ago    1.23GB
    Note: The creation timestamp shows when the image itself was first created, not when it was loaded onto your workstation. The ID and size might also change when the image is refreshed.

What to do next

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