Db2 connection configurations are not listed

While creating a Db2 z/OS® Asset you find that the Db2 connection configurations are not listed.

About this task

When creating Db2 z/OS Assets in z/OS Connect Designer and the configured Db2 connection elements aren't listed, check the following:


  1. Check whether the Db2 configuration files are in the proper directory. The configuration files should be in the <API Project Name>/src/main/liberty/config directory on the host system bind directory.
  2. Check the configuration file permissions for the <API Project Name>/src/main/liberty/config directory.
  3. Edit the Db2 connection configuration file to reload the configuration file.
  4. Delete all the files, including the hidden files, from the project directory.
  5. Copy db2.xml to the configuration directory using the docker cp command.
    For example,
    docker cp <Db2ConfigFile> <containerName>:/config/configDropins/overrides/
    In this command, Db2ConfigFile specifies the name of the Db2 configuration file and containerName specifies the name of the Docker container.