ZosConnect is a custom resource that defines a z/OS Connect API deployment.

For IBM® z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition Unlimited users, by installing this product, you accept the following license ibm.biz/zosconnect_5655_CE3. For more information about deploying ZosConnect, see ibm.biz/zosconnect_deploy_doc.

For IBM Z Cloud and Modernization Stack users, by installing this product, you accept the following license ibm.biz/license_information. For more information about deploying ZosConnect, see ibm.biz/stack_zosconnect_deploy_doc.


Description: ZosConnectSpec defines the wanted state of the ZosConnect Custom Resource.

Type: object

Table 1. Description of ZosConnect/v1 spec
Property Type Description
spec object ZosConnectSpec defines the wanted state of ZosConnect
spec.deployment object Defines the wanted state and cycle of applications.
spec.deployment.containerPort integer Number of port to expose on the pods IP address.
spec.deployment.env array An array of environment variables for the application container.
spec.deployment.image string The fully qualified image name (FQIN) of a z/OS Connect API.
spec.deployment.pullPolicy string Policy for pulling container images. Defaults to IfNotPresent.
spec.deployment.pullSecret string Name of the Secret to use to pull images from the specified repository. It is not required if the cluster is configured with a global image pull secret.
spec.deployment.replicas integer Number of pods to create.
spec.expose boolean Expose the application externally via a Route or an Ingress resource.
spec.license object Defines the license for the application.
spec.license.accept boolean Accept license field.
spec.route object Configures the ingress resource.
spec.route.annotations object Annotations for the Route.
spec.route.certificateSecretRef string A name of a secret that already contains TLS key, certificate, and CA to be used for the Route or Ingress. It can also contain destination CA certificate for Route. The following keys are valid in the secret: ca.crt, destCA.crt, tls.crt, and tls.key.
spec.route.host string Hostname to be used for the Ingress. Required Ingress field.
spec.route.insecureEdgeTerminationPolicy string HTTP traffic policy with TLS enabled for Route. Can be one of Allow, Redirect, and None. Defaults to None.
spec.route.path string Path to be used for Route or Ingress. Defaults to /.
spec.route.pathType string PathType to be used for the Ingress. Can be one of Prefix, Exact or ImplementationSpecific. Required Ingress field.
spec.route.termination string TLS termination policy for Route. Can be one of edge, reencrypt and passthrough. Required secured Route field.
spec.service object Configures parameters for the network service of pods.
spec.service.annotations object Annotations for the Service.
spec.service.nodePort integer Applicable if the Service Type is set to NodePort
spec.service.port integer The port exposed by the container.
spec.service.portName string The name for the port exposed by the container.
spec.service.ports array An array consisting of service ports.
spec.service.targetPort integer The port that the operator assigns to containers inside pods. Defaults to the value of spec.service.port.
spec.service.type string Define the ingress method for a service.
spec.version string Defines the operand version. This is tied to the IBM z/OS Connect Operator version and cannot be changed.