Configuring an IPIC connection in IBM z/OS Connect

Follow these steps to configure an IPIC connection to CICS® in your IBM z/OS Connect server.

About this task

Edit the server.xml file to add the CICS service provider feature, configure a CICS IPIC connection element and optionally define additional security elements.


  1. Update the server.xml file to use the zosconnect:cics-1.0 feature by adding the following configuration information in the <featureManager> section:
        . . .
  2. Configure a zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection element in server.xml. The host and port attributes must be specified. For example:
    <zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection id="cicsABC" host="" port="1110"/>
    For more information about the available configuration attributes and default values, see zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection.
  3. If the CICS system has security initialized (SEC=YES is defined in the CICS SIT parameters), see Configuring security for an IPIC connection.