Install and configure the CICS Catalog Manager sample application

This task shows you how to install and configure the CICS® Catalog Manager sample application in your CICS region.

About this task

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Ask your CICS system administrator to set up the base application. Follow the procedure in Installing and setting up the base application in the CICS Transaction Server documentation.
Note: You do not need to configure web service support for this scenario.
Pay special attention to the following steps in the base application section of the documentation:
  • Ensure that SDFHLOAD is in your DFHRPL concatenation to install the CICS sample applications.
  • Create and define the two VSAM data sets.
  • Create TRANSACTION definitions for the two user interface transactions, ECFG, and EGUI.
  • Run ECFG to change any defaults for the application configuration.


The sample application is now configured on CICS.

What to do next

Test the application to ensure that it is installed and configured correctly. See Test the CICS catalog manager sample application.