Define the POST operation for the /orders path

Use z/OS® Connect Designer to define the z/OS Assets for your API.

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Paths are endpoints or resources that are exposed by your API, such as /orders. Each resource has one or more operations, which are HTTP methods that are used to manipulate these resources. For example, GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE.

The paths are defined by the OpenAPI definition that you imported in the task Starting the z/OS Connect Designer with Docker and importing an OpenAPI definition. In the z/OS Connect Designer, the available operations appear in the left navigation under Paths.

Figure 1. The z/OS Connect Designer paths page.
The paths page.

You create z/OS Assets to configure the relationship between your API request and the endpoint. For example, you create a z/OS Asset that is called catalogProgram that uses the POST /orders operation to place an order for a specific item from the CICS® Catalog Manager.