z/OS system installation and maintenance
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System installation and maintenance using SMP/E

z/OS system installation and maintenance

System Modification Program Extended (SMP/E) is the z/OS® tool for managing the installation of software products on a z/OS system and for tracking modifications to those products.

SMP/E controls these changes at the component level by:

  • Selecting the proper levels of code to be installed from a large number of potential changes.
  • Calling system utility programs to install the changes.
  • Keeping records of the installed changes by providing a facility to enable you to inquire on the status of your software, and to reverse the change if necessary.

All code and its modifications are located in the SMP/E database called the consolidated software inventory (CSI), which is comprised of one or more VSAM data sets.

SMP/E can be run either using batch jobs or using dialogs under ISPF/PDF. With SMP/E dialogs, you can interactively query the SMP/E database and create and submit jobs to process SMP/E commands.

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