Reusable JCL collection
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Basic JCL concepts

Reusable JCL collection

Job control language (JCL) is a set of statements that you code to tell the z/OS® operating system about the work you want it to perform. Although this set of statements is quite large, most jobs can be run using a very small subset. Learn about essential and most frequently used JCL statements and parameters, as well as coding techniques.

JCL statements tell z/OS where to find the appropriate input, how to process that input (that is, what program or programs to run), and what to do with the resulting output.

All jobs use three main types of JCL statements:
  • One JOB statement to identify the unit of work the operating system is to perform
  • One or more EXEC statements, depending on the number of job steps within the job
  • One or more DD statements to identify the input and output data sets

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