Troubleshooting ZOAU

Use the following troubleshooting tips to resolve issues with ZOAU. If you choose to contact IBM Support, prepare by collecting MustGather data. To learn more, see Collecting MustGather support information for ZOAU.

General tips

I cannot use the dls, dmv, mmv, mrm or dlsraw commands

If commands dls, dmv, mmv, mrm or dlsraw fail but other commands work, ensure that mvscmdauth is installed correctly. Use the following steps:

  1. Enter the command type -a mvscmdauth to determine where mvscmdauth is installed. In this example, mvscmdauth is installed in /usr/lpp/IBM/zoautil.

  2. Enter the command ls -E /usr/lpp/IBM/zoautil. If mvscmdauth and mvscmdauthhelper are installed correctly, the first two columns will display -rwxr-xr-x a---. If the ‘a’ is not present, the utility is not APF-authorized. To enable APF authorization, enter the command extattr +a /usr/lpp/IBM/zoautil/mvscmdauth*. Then re-enter the command ls -E /usr/lpp/IBM/zoautil. If the ‘a’ is still not present, you might not have permission to enable APF authorization. Consult your systems programmer for more information.

To learn more about authorization, see Installing and configuring ZOAU.

FSUM7332 error message

You might see the following message if _BPXK_AUTOCVT is not set properly.

FSUM7332 syntax error: got (, expecting Newline

To fix this, enter the following command before running the utilities:


When using mls to display members, those that start with # display help documentation instead

When used in shell commands, the characters # and $ must be escaped with a backslash or surrounded in single quotes. Note the following examples.

In this first example, a backslash character precedes the # character in the grep statement:

mls sys1.proclib | grep -i \#DKSEPB1

In this next example, quotes surround the text string that includes a $ character:

mls sys1.proclib | grep -i '$DKSEPB1'

Tips for opercmd

The following tips can help you troubleshoot issues specific to opercmd.

When I run opercmd I get the message: "BGYSC0803I Insufficient allocated output buffer memory size. Please increase CONSBUFPGNUM."

By default, 128 buffer pages (1KB per page) are allocated for console command output. If output exceeds the default, or if utilities that leverage opercmd need greater size (such as apfadm for a large APF list), allocate more pages with the UNIX System Services environment variable CONSBUFPGNUM.

For example, to allocate 256 pages for console command output, enter the following command:


opercmd is treating my console commands that start with "-" as options

To indicate the end of options, use "--" (two dash characters) after the opercmd options and before the actual console command. Example:

opercmd -d -- "-dbb1 dis ddf"

I'd like cleaner output for my console command via opercmd

Use the -t option to remove the indentation and two lines of information that are included for compatibility with the previous opercmd implementation. For example:

opercmd -t "d iplinfo"

Tips for the Python API

Python's default logging module can help you debug your scripts because it produces verbose output from the ZOAU Python library. To enable Python logging, add the following lines of code to your scripts:

import logging