JLS(1)                   ZOAU Command Syntax                 JLS(1)


jls - List jobs that match the provided owner and prefix.


jls [-dhlv] [-o <field list>] '[/owner][/job]'

	Print debug information. (Changes output.)

	Display syntax help.

	Print additional fields.
	Note: this option may take a long time to process.

	Print verbose information and a list header.

-o <field list>
	The output list will include only the fields specified in <field list>.
	Order of <field list> is maintained. Names are case insensitive.


jls lists all jobs that match the provided filter.

Output has the following columns by default:
	<owner> <name> <id> <status> <ccode>

Additionally, these fields are appended when using the -l option:
	<jobclass> <serviceclass> <priority> <ASID> <creationdate> <creationtime> <queueposition> <programname>

A value of '?' represents SDSF returning an empty string for that particular column.
Sometimes, jobs take time to assign an owner or start up. Try again in a few seconds if '?' is an unexpected response.

	Owner of the job (e.g IBMUSER)
	'?' returned if unknown or pending

	Name of the job (e.g IBMUSER1)
	'?' returned if unknown or pending

	ID of the job (e.g JOB12345)
	'?' returned if unknown or pending

<status> can be one of:
	AC    : active
	CC    : completed normally
	ABEND : ended abnormally
	?     : ERROR or unknown

<ccode> can be one of:
	<number>        : maximum condition code of all job steps
	<alpha-numeric> : abend code of step that abended
	?               : program still running. Code unknown

	Job class

	WLM service class. This value is only available if any of the following are true:
		- Job is awaiting execution
		- Job is scheduled to a WLM managed job class
		- Job is not held (duplicate job name, operator hold, etc.)
		- Member it has affinity to is available
		- The scheduling environment is available
	'?' returned if unknown or pending

	Job priority

	The Address Space Identifier (ASID) is a unique descriptor for the job address space.
	Zero if not active

	Input start date in format YYYY/MM/DD

	Input start time in format HH:MM:SS

	Position of job on class queue or phase queue

	The program name from the job's last completed step
	(taken from PGM= parameter on EXEC card)


Shows jobs with no owner/prefix specification


	jls '/*'

Shows caller's jobs

	jls '*'

Show caller's jobs with additional columns and a header

	jls -lv '*'

Shows all jobs for IBMUSER

	jls '/IBMUSER'

Shows caller's job JOB01108

	jls 'job01108'

Show the ID, name, status and job class for job JOB01108

	jls -o id,name,status,jobclass 'job01108'

Show all fields from the -l option, except for programname for
caller's jobs, with a header

	jls -v -o owner,name,id,status,rcstr,jobclass,serviceclass,priority,asid,creationdate,creationtime,queueposition '*'



	Error occurred. See error messages for details.


ddls(1), jcan(1), jsub(1), pjdd(1)