Translating IBM MFA messages and HTML

IBM® MFA allows you to provide translated versions of IBM MFA messages and HTML text that are displayed in the language specified by the web browser.


  1. Change directory (cd) to /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n.
  2. In the i18n subdirectory, create a language (for example, en or fr) or language-locale (for example, en-US or fr-BE) translation subdirectory. For example, /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/fr.
  3. Copy /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/translate.json to /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/fr/translate.json and edit the strings as needed, using exactly the same value:pair format.
      "title_text": "IBM MFA for z/VM Out of Band Interface",
      "IBM TouchToken Enrollment": "IBM TouchToken Enrollment",
      "Certificate Enrollment via Mutually-Authenticated TLS":"Certificate Enrollment via Mutually-Authen
    ticated TLS",
      "Please wait, request is being processed": "Please wait, request is being processed",
      "Please input the policy name": "Please input the policy name",
      "INTERACTIVE": "Interactive",
      "Policy Name": "Policy Name",
      "MFA User ID": "MFA User ID",
      "Enter your SecurID passcode": "Enter your SecurID passcode",
      "Passcode": "Passcode",
      "Password Authentication": "Password Authentication",
  4. In the i18n subdirectory, create an HTML subdirectory. For example, /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/fr/html.
  5. Copy the HTML pages from /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/html to /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/fr/html/ and edit as needed.
  6. IBM MFA finds /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/fr/translate.json and /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/fr/html/*.html and serves them as needed.

    /opt/IBM/MFA/mfa/i18n/translate.json is the default file if a client-specific translation file is not available.