Summary of changes

Changes made to IBM® MFA for Version 2 Release 2.


The following information is new.

July 2023 Version 2.2 refresh
  • As of version of IBM MFA, the RPM installation behavior for the server has changed. The installation phases relating to the IBM MFA database are no longer invoked directly from the server RPM installation script. Instead, the installation RPM copies the following shell scripts to the /opt/IBM/MFA/db directory:
    This script allocates database directories and files, and starts the postgres server process.
    This script creates a postgres user to own the MFA database, and creates an empty IBM MFA database, owned by that user, in the directory created by the script.
    This script creates IBM MFA table structures inside the database that was initialized and created during previous installation phases.
    This script uses the pg_ctl utility to check Postgresql status on the system, as it relates to the IBM MFA database.
    This script uses the pg_dumpall utility to create a backup of the IBM MFA database contents.

    The installation steps for new installations have been updated to reflect this change, as described in Installing IBM MFA server and GUI. For upgrade installations, no additional steps are required.

November 2022 Version 2.2 refresh
Version 2.2
November 2021 Version 2.2 refresh
April 2021 Version 2.2 refresh
January 2021 Version 2.2 refresh
  • Added editorial improvements and cross-reference link updates.