Setting or resetting a user's MFA password

You can set or reset the user's MFA password. The MFA password is a special password that allows the user to log in to the IBM® MFA server for IBM MFA-specific actions. This password is unique to the IBM MFA server.

About this task

To set or reset the MFA password, complete the following steps:


  1. In the IBM MFA GUI, click the User Provisioning tab.
  2. Enter a search string in the Search by MFA ID or Name field to find the required user.
  3. Select the required user.
    The user-specific information page is displayed. From this page you can:
    1. View the current user information.
    2. Set or reset an IBM MFA password.
    3. Add or delete a policy.
    4. Add or delete an authentication method.
    5. Set the authentication method to be active or inactive.
  4. Click Set password to set an initial MFA password.
  5. Click Reset password to reset the MFA password.
  6. If you make a change, confirm your selection and click Confirm.