Copy sdconf.rec to SDCONF.REC data set

The sdconf.rec file is the configuration file for connecting to the RSA Authentication Manager. Obtain the sdconf.rec file from the RSA Authentication Manager (or the RSA Authentication Manager administrator.) Copy the file into the SDCONF.REC data set you allocated. Make sure all file transfers are executed in binary mode.


  1. Log in as administrator to the RSA Authentication Manager.
  2. Navigate to Access > Authentication Agents > Generate Configuration File.
  3. Select Generate Config File.
    The message "The configuration file was successfully generated and is ready to download" is displayed.
  4. Select Download Now.
  5. Unzip the resulting file to get the sdconf.rec file.
  6. Use your tool of choice to copy sdconf.rec in to the SDCONF.REC data set on the z/OS® system. Copy the file in binary mode.