SecurID passcode

A SecurID passcode is the combination of a PIN and token code.

Similar to the token code, a passcode is a one-time password (OTP). It is valid only while it is displayed, and it can be used only once.

There are two types of passcodes:
  • For hardware fob-style tokens without a PINpad, the SecurID passcode consists of the user's PIN followed by the token code and the user must enter both. For example, if the PIN is 1234 and the token code is 567891, the user enters the passcode as 1234567891.
  • For SecurID PINpad hardware tokens and software token applications, the user enters the PIN on the PINpad and the token generates a hash-encrypted passcode from the PIN and the generated token. The token generates a new passcode at regular intervals, typically every 60 seconds. The user then uses the generated passcode to log in.