Creating an sdopts.rec file

In some environments, you might need to use an sdopts.rec file to ensure that the SecurID plug-in can correctly communicate with RSA Authentication Manager.

About this task

In some cases, the host IP address that is auto-detected by the SecurID authentication method does not match the IP address used for outgoing traffic. In such cases, use the CLIENT_IP parameter to manually specify the IP address that the SecurID authentication method should use. Currently, only IPV4 addresses are supported in the sdopts.rec file.

The sdopts.rec file uses the following syntax:
CLIENT_IP=<IP v4 Address Override>
CLIENT_IP=<IP v4 Address Override for second system>

To create the sdopts.rec file, complete the following steps:


  1. Create sdopts.rec with the required parameters.
  2. Save your changes.