Configuring the IBM MFA for RSA SecurID authentication method

Navigate to the RSA SecurID authentication method to define the file names of the sdconf.rec file, node secret, and optional sdopts.rec files, and the initial trace level.

About this task

To configure the IBM® MFA for RSA SecurID authentication method, complete the following steps:


  1. In the IBM MFA GUI, select the Authentication Methods tab.
  2. Click on the RSA SecurID method.
  3. Choose the initial trace level. Move the slider to increase the tracing level. Valid values are 0 - 3, where the higher number increases the level of verbosity. The default value is zero.
  4. Enter the following file names:
    • The location of the sdconf.rec file.
    • The location of the file that will contain the node secret. This file is created by IBM MFA.
    • Optionally, the location of the sdopts.rec file.
  5. Verify the changes and click Save.
  6. Restart the IBM MFA daemon, as described in Restarting the IBM MFA server.