AZF3002W User must provide next tokencode


After n number of failed login attempts followed by a successful login, where n is determined by your local RSA Authentication Manager security policy, the user may be prompted to also enter the next displayed token code for extra security. By successfully entering the next token code, the RSA Authentication Manager is able to verify that the user has possession of the assigned token.

Next token code mode requires the user to enter the next token code (or passcode) that is displayed. That is, the user must enter two successive codes to log in. If the user does not enter the next displayed token code or passcode, the login fails.

Note: Not all login applications indicate when the RSA SecurID "next token" mode is in effect. Because the number of unsuccessful login attempts that trigger "next token" mode can vary, the user may not know that the next token is also required.

User response

  1. Wait for the token code you just used to change. If you are using a hardware token with a PINpad or a soft token, wait for the passcode you just used to change.
  2. Get the 6- to 8-digit token code (or passcode) displayed by the SecurID token.
  3. Enter the token code (or passcode) where prompted.
  4. Press Enter.