Navigating the IBM MFA GUI

You can use the IBM® MFA GUI for all interaction with IBM MFA.

Before you begin

To navigate the IBM MFA GUI, complete the following steps:


  1. Open the IBM MFA GUI at https://login-server-hostname:port/mfaadmin, where:
    • login-server-hostname is the host name or IP address of the system where you installed IBM MFA server.
    • port is the port number on which the IBM MFA web server listens.
    The IBM MFA GUI displays the main page.
  2. The IBM MFA GUI main page includes the following panes:
    • Select the User Provisioning tab to provision a user with a policy, or to add or remove a policy for a user.
    • Select the Policy Definitions tab to add a new policy, delete an existing policy, or to display policy attributes. Click a policy name to display a new page with more policy-specific settings and to add or remove an authentication method from the policy.
    • Select the Authentication Methods tab to configure and display all of the possible authentication method. Click an authentication method name to display a new page with more specific settings that apply to all users of that authentication method.
  3. To configure and display the settings for the IBM MFA server, select Settings > Server Options.
  4. To restart IBM MFA services, select Settings > Restart MFA Server.