apiInfo – API information service

The API information service returns a JSON document that describes the server and the service classes, services, and service versions that are supported for application use as an intended external interface.

apiInfo request

Table 1. apiInfo request
Method: GET
URL: https://host:port/apiInfo
Version: HTTP/1.1
Headers required: none
Body: none

apiInfo successful response

Table 2. apiInfo successful response
Status: 200 – Normal completion
Headers returned: Content-Type:application/json
Body: JSON apiInfoResponse object

apiInfo JSON response objects

Note: See Table 1 for the type and attribute values for the IBM® MFA web API JSON request and response objects.
Table 3. apiInfo JSON response objects
Key Name Type Attr Description
apiInfoResponse object
serverProduct S The IBM MFA web server product name. This is for diagnostic use and should be used for reporting purposes only.
serverBuild S The IBM MFA web server build version. This is for diagnostic use and should be used for reporting purposes only.
apiVersions O A list of named apiClassResponse objects.
serverCharset S The character set that object keys with the Z attribute must be encoded in. The defined values are UTF-8 and ISO-646, which is a proper single-byte subset of UTF-8.
apiClassResponse object
<apiClass> O A named apiClassResponse object containing a list of named apiServiceResponse objects.
apiServiceResponse object
<apiService> AI A named apiService with an array supported integer API versions for the service.

apiInfo request/response examples

API information query
  "serverProduct": "AZF",
  "serverBuild": "2.2.0",
  "serverCharset": "ISO-646",
  "apiVersions": {
    "auth": {
      "policyPrompt": [2],
      "policyAuth": [2],
      "checkCTC": [2]