Start the IBM MFA services started task

The IBM® MFA services started task supports authentication of users and validation of tags specified in the RACF® ALTUSER command at runtime.

About this task

Important: The

Start the IBM MFA started task on the CTC destination before applications that use IBM MFA.

If a user who has been activated for IBM MFA attempts to log on to an application and the IBM MFA started tasks are not started, the logon fails. Only users with PWFALLBACK enabled as described in Configuring Password Fallback will be able to log on with their z/OS password.

In Copy SAZFSAMP(AZF#IN00) and SAZFSAMP(AZF#IN01), you copied the AZF#IN00 member of the SAZFSAMP data set to the PROCLIB from which you run started tasks.


  1. To start the started task if it is stopped, enter the following operator command:
    S <STC Job Name>
    For example:
    S AZF#IN00
  2. Verify that the task started. The absence of errors after the "AZF2110I Started console receiver" message in the SYSLOG indicates success.